Extra Care Required

26 Aug
Earlier this week, I wore one of the few shirts I own that requires ironing. My mother taught me years ago to pay attention to clothes before I bought them, noting what kind of care they’d require. (She was sweetly and unendingly practical.) Most of the time, if the tag contains the letter combination I.R.O.N., I put the garment back on the rack. But, a few make their way home with me.
I faced the mirror to assess the wrinkles (on the shirt, not on the face).  Are they so bad I can’t get away with wearing this? Then the perfect little solution hit me. My flat iron (yes, this kind I use) sat on the countertop, hot and ready. A few careful strokes later and I decided my shirt was presentable. Viola!
This morning, I read a devotion by John Piper based on James 4:2 – 4. Piper explains that we are adulteress toward God when we use prayer to try to get from God something we desire more than God.
Maybe you’re thinking, “Uh, okay. What’s that got to do with flat-ironing your shirt?”
Short cuts.
Are we so busy that we treat prayer as a short cut? (Help me to do XYZ today God, Amen.)  Are we lazy to the point of finding a short cut way to do prayer? (Only praying when we drive and we have to be “still” anyway?) Or, might we pray  “only as needed” for big stuff like illness or job loss.
Being distracted away from God with everyday life keeps us from experiencing Him as our richest delight. If our prayer life varies a great deal based on the  ‘tag’ (to-do list) of our day, some extra care is required.
 Search me, God, and know my heart;
   test me and know my anxious thoughts. 
See if there is any offensive way in me,
   and lead me in the way everlasting.  Psalm 139:23 – 24 (NIV)

2 Responses to “Extra Care Required”

  1. Robin Price August 26, 2011 at 12:46 pm #

    Ouch!! My toes hurt…..

    • Jeanette Edgar August 26, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

      Mine, too! I think the blue nail polish Josie used on my toes this week is covering the bruises 😉

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