Are You Blessed?

2 Aug

“Blessed.” What does this word bring to mind?

Most people feel it infers something received from God.

When a family moves to a new house, sometimes they’ll say,           “We’re very blessed.” Or, if everyone’s healthy, we’ll say, “We’re so blessed.”  That’s how I usually hear this word, in reference to  something that’s profitable, either materially or emotionally.

I don’t think this is incorrect. It’s right to thank God and acknolwedge him as the giver of wonderful things in our lives.

We read this in Genesis 12: 1 – 3. God tells Abraham he will bless him, and that he will bless all the people on the earth through him.

The Greek translation of the word “bless” in this passage is “barak,” a verb that literally means “to bless.”  One definition in Webster’s dictionary defines this as “to favor divinely.”

However, if that’s where we stop with the word “blessed,” we are missing another meaning. Blessed can infer something that God gives which is not of the tangible variety.

The Greek translation of “blessed” in many verses is “makarios.”  This means “happy.”

Happiness is an internal gift from the Lord, which should not be dependent upon circumstances. In fact, one of the most studied pieces of scripture in the entire Bible uses this form of “blessed” nine times. And the circumstances the word “blessed” is coupled with in these verses don’t necessarily make us think “happy!” At least not in our way of understanding.

I’m referring to The Beatitudes, also known as The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5: 3 – 12.  I’ll be studying and blogging on these verses in coming posts. I hope you’ll begin studying them and praying over them with me. Let’s see what God will reveal to us.

In the meantime, thank God for all of the ways he has blessed you in the “barak” meaning. Be specific with your praises and thanksgiving!



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