Planting, Parenting and Being Priestly

16 May

My last post shared a picture of my new flowers and a bit about my yard work experience. I’ve been laughing at myself a little because I keep worrying about these new little flowers.

Are they going to get too much wind?  I moved the pot back farther into the bushes.

Will the storm pour too much water on them? The label said keep it moist, but don’t let the water stand.

Will the sun dry the soil too much? The label warned against letting it dry out.

Funny how I can ignore the whole yard, front and back for months on end, then over analyze and over protect that new little pot of flowers.

Our Sunday School class studied the first chatper of Malachi yesterday. The Lord sent a message of judgement on the priests for offering crippled, diseased animals in the temple for the sacrifice. The priests had precise instructions on the type of sacrifice to bring and the method and manner in which to bring it. Someone in class pointed out the priests were to be leading the people, and it was clear from the verses God was not pleased.

We are priests under the New Covenant in Jesus Christ.  We are accountable to God for ourelves, but are also expected to lead others on pursuit of knowing God in a reverent, pure way.

I wonder, as a parent, if I am treating my kids like those fresh little flowers in my pot. As I make decisions about them, weighing it against biblical instruction, am I applying that standard to the same degree for myself? If something isn’t appropriate for my kids to watch/say/do, what about me?

I’m evaluating my priestly behavior, asking God to show me any  diseased offering, any area where I’m giving him less than my best, something less than what I know to give.

Prayer:  Thank you Lord for this reminder. Your correction, grace, forgiveness and love are constant. Help me to sit at your feet in prayer and be your child, receiving your guidance and instruction.


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