Weeding out Worldly Stuff

10 May

Yesterday morning, I whizzed into Calloway’s Nursery to purchase a new flowering plant for a pot in my front yard. A pretty salmon colored plant caught my eye. After getting some potting soil to go with it and extra soil for the backyard beds, I checked out. Fifty-three dollars later, I headed home.

Now I hadn’t given my flowerbeds any attention or effort since we moved in last October. I couldn’t put my new plant in the old soil that remained in the pot. A plant had died in there over the winter. But, I couldn’t just dump the old dirt in my flowerbed because it was covered up with dead leaves from the winter. Plus, weeds were poking up in sporadic places.

Ugh! I had some work ahead of me. I wanted to give up after a few minutes. The raking job appeared endless, the pulling of weeds useless — those roots are so strong and difficult to pull up!

But, my neighbor came across the street to chat. “Wow, those flowers are beautiful! They’ll really look nice with the color of your brick.”

I admitted how behind I was on the yardwork saying, “It’ll just take some work and nurturing.” 

She laughed in agreement. “Just like anything.”

Her little visit nudged me to keep working. After all, she’d be looking across the street, expecting to see progress.

If I’d realized how much work buying that pretty plant would uncover, I might not have bought it. But, four hours later, I could really see the results!

I now have a little nook of the front flowerbeds in good shape. I have lots more to do, and need to focus on maintaining what I’ve already done. But I’m so delighted over it!

What about our walk with Jesus? How is it similar? 

Jesus wants to see you thrive. He wants to water you, feed you, nurture you through this life.

He’s paid a high price–his blood. He worked for years on this earth, all because he loves us. He and his father, God, delight in us. 

Read John Chapter 15, verses 1 – 17 this week.

Are you facing a filthy flowerbed in your life that needs attention?  Are you trying to pretend it isn’t there, or deal with it apart from God’s direction?


One Response to “Weeding out Worldly Stuff”

  1. Lynn May 10, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    What a lovely spot and a beautiful flower. Hope your Day 2 is off to a great start. And I had to laugh when I read this, because I have a devotion rumbling in my brain that has a similar basis – yardwork! But I haven’t written it yet. I’m thinking I need to get on that!!

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