What Are You Running On?

1 Mar

About seven years ago, I was running errands and my check engine light came on. I didn’t think that much of it, certainly not enough to pull over and not drive any further. I was about five miles from the nearest exit that would lead me to a service shop. So, I drove straight there.

By the time I pulled into the lot, my worries had grown. Turns out, I ruined the engine because of the low oil level. A costly mistake. 

At the time, I was juggling working from home, raising three kids ages four and under, and making a household run. How frustrating to try so hard to take care of everything and have one oversight cost our family so much.

I learned a lesson. My car may run on gas day to day, but I cannot neglect the oil. While I was successfully getting from point A to point B, stuff was going on inside the engine that needed my attention.

What about our spiritual lives? We can be very routine with attendance at church, maybe even reading a quick devotional and sending up quick, regular prayers. But, if we ignore the deep down stuff, the personal time of being quiet in front of the Lord, confessing, reading his word, believing he’ll show us something new – well, we might just land ourselves into a costly situation.

C. S. Lewis writes in Mere Christianity that we are made to run on God. Human beings get distracted trying to run on accomplishments, money, temporary happiness, fame, people-pleasing, you name it. We can even try to run on “being good,” but we are built to run on God, his word and his relationship with us. Anything less will be costly.

A Prayer:  Lord, today, interrupt my plans, my hurriedness, my thoughts with yours. Make me sensitive to your nudges, obedient to your promptings.


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