Can You Still Be Moved?

10 Jan

Wow, we walked out of worship service yesterday to large, plush flakes of snow. Enough had already fallen to completely cover the ground.

In North Texas, this is a rarity. So everyone gets excited. We rushed home to make chili, gazing out the windows at the blanket of white settling on the trees, over the grass, and along the rooftops.

My husband said, “See what God can do. It’s awesome.”

One of my children asked, “How does he do it?”

“He’s got storehouses full of snow,” I answered.

“Really?” my thirteen year old asks.

“Yes, really. That’s what the word says.”  The point being, only God can make it snow. His creative ways brought snow into existence, his power brings it forth. He is the inventor and storer of all weather.

Yet, snow is really the only weather that causes North Texans to pause in amazement and delight. It’s easy to respond to snow. But do we notice the other, more common occurences of God’s power and creativity in our lives?

That idea took me back to a writer’s conference where Jerry Jenkins asked in his keynote, “Can you still be moved?” Do you still get thrilled by God? Does that motivate you to worship, pray, study, and share?

A devotion I read just a few days ago by John Piper drove home this very thought.  He wrote, “For one inch of rain to fall on one square mile of land…that’s 17,377,536 gallons of water, weighing144,735,360 pounds.”  How mighty and powerful is God to enable that water to form into the sky via evaporation, move hundreds of miles from the ocean, and release steadily through condenseation (removing all the salt in the process)? 

That’s an every day amazement. That’s the ability to be moved, stopped, in awe of God. Can you still be moved?


3 Responses to “Can You Still Be Moved?”

  1. Kathy Howard January 25, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

    Thank you Jeanette for this post. “Can I still be moved?” Yes, but not as frequently as I should or would like. I pray God would make my heart more sensitive to His “movement.”

    • Jeanette Edgar January 26, 2011 at 1:36 am #

      Thanks so much for your comment. I find the need to pray for God to interrupt me with his plans as well as just to be still and praise his authority and power all around me. I’m enjoying studying Hebrews with you.

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