A Prayer

2 Sep

Lord God, enthroned above the circle of the Earth. That’s who You are. You are who I pray to. 

I come in your son’s name, Jesus Christ. Who now, having completed his purpose on earth to pay our sins, sits at your right hand.  Awaiting your instruction Lord God Almighty, your words, “Go”. When you send Christ back to earth, victorious and conquering. He will bring your own, bought by Jesus’ blood, He will bring us to You.

But not only that, Christ will also come to condemn the unbelieving world – to judge and destroy and give them what they have willfully chosen.

Help me to live with that scene in mind. That You are enthroned and Christ is at your right hand, now interceding for me and every believer He bought with his blood – taking my sin and giving me his righteousness.

At any instant, your timing can come, and it will. Help me to live for You. Help me to see the people and lives around me with compassion and urgency. To glorify you and build Your kingdom. To point them to You with your truth. So they, like me, can be saved from hell – eternal pain and suffering and separation from You – everything good and the only source of life.   

Bible Reading:

Old Testament: Completed through Job; Read Ecc: Ch 1 – 3 and Proverbs 24:15 today

New Testament: Completed through 1 Cor: 6:13


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