Influence – The World or The Word?

16 Jul

Last time, I reflected on the influence of a parent on a child.  I’d read about so many kings of Isreal and of Judah and their ways recorded, many ending with the phrase “just as his father before him.” 

Of course, not every child (successing king) followed in the way of his father (previous king). Sometimes, a father did evil and the son who followed did not. Other times, the father honored the Lord and obeyed his commands, yet the son did not. The ways of other nations or other evil kings influenced some sons more than their own fathers.

This drives home two important truths.

First, our standing with the Lord our God is individual. Jesus died to make us the reconciled children of God. He’s our father. He is our King and our Father. (See Galations 1: 3 – 5.)  Yet, we live in a world with many other examples around us. We choose who influences us. (See Romans 12:2.) 

The second truth I took note of is God creates growth.  He uses his word in a willing heart to create this growth.  Josiah’s father did not do right by the LORD. He did evil. However, Josiah honored the LORD in his heart and in his actions as king of Judah. In his command, the Lord’s temple was being repaired. The scriptures, the book of law, from Moses’s time was discovered. Josiah had it read aloud to him. He did two major things in response to what was read, he tore his clothes (to show grief and repentence of the wrong God’s people had commited) and he inquired  of God for direction. (See these events in 2 Kings 22 (particularly v11 – 13; 18 – 20) and Ch 23 (particularly 1 – 3; 21 – 25.) )

God still uses his word to bring willing hearts back to him. The earthly kings of Isreal and Judah all passed away. Current earthly influences will all pass away one day.

Read 1 Peter 1: 13 – 25.  Pray and stand fast in God’s word. The only imperishable life, the only imperishable kingdom. The only thing that stands forever.

Bible Reading

Old Testament: Completed through 2 Kings (should be through 19th chapter of 1 Chronicles, but I’m catching up.) Completed Psalms. Completed Proverbs through Ch 19: v 15.    

New Testament: Completed through Acts. Currently in Romans, Chapter 3.


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