Walking in the Ways of a Father

29 Jun

Last week, as I prepared to leave my daddy’s house, I was cleaning the bathroom vanity connected to the bedroom my family had used. I wiped the counter, cleaned the mirror, and shined the faucet. Next, I spotted the soap dish, noting the dull brown tint dried around it’s edges. I had to smile as I removed the bar of soap, pulled the dish into the sink and scrubbed it with a washcloth.

My mother. I was following in her ways and aiming to keep her house up to her standards even though she is no longer there. Even though my daddy isn’t going to notice if the soap dish is clean or not. Why?

I was following in the ways of my mother. How often I’ve read the words “walking in the ways of his father” as I’ve completed reading 1Kings the last several days.  King after king, many followed the evil behavior of their fathers who preceeded them at the throne. Happily, a few kings did good in the eyes of the Lord and passed these ways onto their successors.

We soak in what we experience, what we witness. It alters what we do, who we are. It affects those watching us, namely, our children.

Back to the soap dish, I thought about the irony in washing the item that contains the cleaning element of soap. I considered my heart, my soul. It is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, yet I have to continually confess my mistakes, my sins, my shortcomings. I have to keep it clean and accountable to the Lord.

Washing out the soap dish so the clean white bar is more appealing is like keeping our lives clean before the Lord so the claim to Christ to those around us is more appealing, more contagious. And cleaning the bathroom up to my sweet mother’s standards allows me to continue to experience the kind of environment I’ve always enjoyed in her home.

Bible Reading Update Through June 30th:

Old Testament: Completed through 2 kings Ch 17

Psalms: Completed through Ch 148; Proverbs: Completed through 18:7

New Testament: Completed through Acts Ch 20


One Response to “Walking in the Ways of a Father”

  1. Robin Price June 30, 2010 at 1:12 am #

    The vision of you doing that brought tears to my eyes. I remember that soap dish too and washing the sheets and towels and cleaning up after a scrapbook weekend. I know you miss her.

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