Craving Acceptance

25 May
Here’s some transparency for you. I’m plagued with “do this” on the social media front. Weighed with measuring if it’s worth it, based on any comments, retweets, or responses.
I wrestle with a compelling urge to write and speak messages God has put on my own heart. All things he’s taught me first, now to share with others. 
Why wrestle?
Everything I hear and read about writers and speakers says, “Build your platform. You need a following. You must blog, you must be on Facebook, you must tweet.” I’m not doubting it’s true. But, it has the power to shift my focus to the wrong place.
Am I called to blog? Am I doing it because God has urged me to?
This is the new question on my heart this morning. 
In 2010, I was called to blog my way through reading God’s word.
Today? I’m not sure what to blog. Not so compelled to blog.
Last year, I didn’t share my blog with others. Fear it wasn’t up to par. Afraid to tell people what I felt God wanted me to do.
So, for now, I’m recycling the posts I know I was called to write. The ones written in secret then, now openly available. Good or bad, as they may be. No matter how small the group. One heart is enough. One heart is highly valued by God.
From 5/25/10, here’s the original post: 
A few days ago, our Bible reading guide included John chapter 12. Something struck me. Something I’m sure I’ve glazed over before in past readings.
The scriptures tell us in verses 42 through 43, that many Jewish leaders believed, but would not confess their faith.  Why? Because they sought approval and acceptance from the Pharisees more than from God. They feared these men more than they feared God.
The Jewish leaders didn’t speak of their belief. God saw it in their hearts the same way he heard Sarah’s internal laugh over the news of having a baby in Genesis chapter 18. 
If we’re more concerned with worldly acceptance and approval, God sees that when he looks into our hearts.
Pray Psalms 51:10 often. “Create in me a pure heart O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”  NIV
Bible Reading:
Old Testament: Completed through 2 Samuel Chapter 8
New Testament: Completed through John Chapter 14
Psalms: Completed through Ch 119
Proverbs: Completed through Ch 15

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