Where’s Jesus?

22 Mar

First, I am still reading! Last week was unusual to say the least. With the kids home for Spring Break and my mom in Baylor Hospital most of the week, I missed posting.  But, I am all caught up on my reading and still finding new things in God’s word.

Today I’m pondering the timing of two familiar passages (recorded by more than one gospel, but Luke’s account is what I’ve recently read).

The story of Jesus as a 12 year old boy, separated from his parents as they leave Jerusalem. They notice he’s gone and are worried he’s lost. As they search and search for him, Jesus is in the temple back in Jerusalem. It takes 3 days for his parents to find him there.

The timing? They were in Jerusalem for the Passover Feast. The same timing of Jesus’ betrayal, crucifixion and – after 3 days- his resurrection.

God’s word amazes me. I’m certain I’m not grasping all of the significance, but the fact that as a boy, Jesus was in Jerusalem at the time of the Passover and “lost” from his parents for 3 days considered with the culmination of his life at Passover in Jerusalem where he is crucified and “lost” to his disciples and other followers for 3 days – it is magnificent. 

As a boy, he is found in the temple. As our ultimate sacrifice and risen Saviour, he tore the temple veil and made our path to Father God through himself, his own blood in place of ours.

Where’s Jesus? Always about His Father’s business, His Father’s will, at His Father’s timing.

Today’s Passages: Num 33:40 – 35:34, Luke 5:12 – 28; Ps 65:1 – 13, Prov 11:23

Tuesday’s Passages: Num 26:1 – Deut 1:46, Luke 5:29 – 6:11, Ps 66:1 – 20; Prov 11: 24 – 26

Wednesday’s Passages: Deut 2:1 – 3:29, Luke 6:12 – 38; Ps 68: 1 – 18; Prov 11:28 



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