Presume and Expect – Get Outta Here!

12 Mar

 Today I’m thinking about this week’s reading in Numbers chapters 13 and 14. How the Isrealites sent scouts to check out the land God promised them. How the reports confirmed the land as exceedingly good, but also detailed strong fortresses and big people occupying it. Fear prevailed. Presumption fueled the fear. And both led to sinful reactions against God.

pre·sume –to undertake with unwarrantable boldness; to go too far in acting unwarrantably or in taking liberties

Lately I’ve caught myself presuming some things. As if I know if ‘X’ happens, then ‘Y’ will happen. Okay, sure some things do seem logical and we make presumptions all the time that aren’t huge deals. But the familiarity with making presumptions can make it easy to do it when it is a big deal. When we reason ourselves out of acting upon something or praying over something in faith.

A cousin of presuming is expecting. I also find myself in trouble here. I can normally handle the “big” issues without getting too quick tempered. But when so-called “little” things don’t happen as I feel they should, my anger can rear up at lightning speed. It stems from expectations, fueled by pride, and entitlement. And again, that leads to sinful reactions a lot of times. Like a tyraid I had when my DVD  player didn’t cooperate at a critical time this week.

ex·pect – anticipate the occurrence or the coming of; to look for with reason or justification; to suppose or surmise

 I’m praying to be on watch for these ugly cousins. I hope they don’t visit your house, either.  Which cousin bugs you the most?

Thursday’s Passages: Numbers 15:17 – 16:40; Mk 15:1 – 47; Ps 54: 1 – 7; Prov 11:5 – 6

Friday’s Passages: Numbers 16:41 – 18:32; Mk 16: 1 – 20; Ps 55: 1 – 23; Prov 11:7

Saturday’s Passages: Numbers 19:1 – 20:29; Luke 1:1 – 25; Ps 56: 1 – 13; Prov 11:8

Sunday’s Passages: Numbers 21:1 – 22:20; Luke 1:26 – 56; Ps 57:1 – 11; Prov 11: 9 – 11


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