Personal to Universal

23 Feb

Ever heard someone referred to as “a big picture kinda guy” or maybe she’s a “stickler for detail?”

Our Lord is both and everything in between. If you’ve been reading Leviticus, you know what I mean. The Isrealites received instruction about dealing with mold on various kinds of materials!

My boys both accepted Christ last year, at home, about 3 months apart from one another. Being baptized at 9 myself, I wanted to be certain they really understood. I knew they got the universal part of God. He’s in control, He created Earth, He gives Life. They knew the right answers about Jesus, who He is and that we all sin, even sins we aren’t aware of sometimes. That Jesus is the only way to have a relationship with God and ultimately live our eternity in Heaven. Choosing Him is making Him your boss.

The part that concerned me, was the personal part. We hear the churchy words all the time, but to truly be personal with God – that is more difficult than knowing all the right answers from the Bible.

So, over the last year, I reinforced this part. I watched to see their understanding and growth. And they were both baptized on Valentine’s Day!

God is personal enough that my prayers include everything from thanking Him for Jesus and sometimes thanking Him for my little dog that brings me so much joy. Some think that’s ridiculous. That prayer is reserved for only the “big” things. I don’t believe God’s word teaches that. We are to pray on all things. Surely, we should not have a shallow, self-centered heart that has self-centered prayers, but neither should we believe God doesn’t care about the little details.

Anyone who finds themselves thinking those thoughts (and we all do sometimes) should read Leviticus.

Monday’s Passages: Lev 13:1 – 59, Mark 6:1 – 29, Ps 39:1 – 13, Prov 10:10

Tuesday’s Passages: Lev 14:1 – 57, Mark 6:30 – 56, Ps 40:1 – 10, Prov 10:11 – 12

Wednesday’s Passages: Lev 15:1 – 16; Mark 7:1 – 23, Ps 40: 11 -17, Prov 10: 13 – 14


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