Timing – Not about Convenience

19 Feb

Christ is our perfect example. One aspect of his example that jumps at me this week involves timing.

Jesus is obedient completely to God the Father’s will. Though himself fully God, Jesus also came onto this earth fully human. Faith holds that truth in my heart since I cannot fully comprehend it.

A yielding to God’s timing is part of the obedience. So many of the verses in recent readings tell us Christ told people not to proclaim the healing miracles he performed for them. Christ even commanded demons to be silent of who he was — demons who couldn’t help but yield to his authority when in his presence.  See examples in Mark 1:21- 26; 32 – 34; 2:41 – 44; 3: 10 – 12.

Why? Why tell them not to proclaim him the Messiah, the promised one from God?

Timing, submission of timing to his father’s plans. Timing is tied to purpose. It unfolds together.

Jesus knew why he came. To preach truth, for sinners, to become our sacrifice. See Mark 1: 38 – 39; Mark 2:17, Mark 2:19-20, Mark 4:11 – 12.

Jesus yielded everything to God’s timing and plan, the two cannot be separated. If anything happened out of order, Jesus could have been crucified before the disciples were equipped to start the church. Or, if the teachers of the law and Jewish accepted him as Messiah, then the message may not have been carried out to the Gentiles as God planned. All I know for sure is God has the plan and timing perfect, and Jesus knew it, and was obedient to it.

Timing is not about what’s more comfortable or convenient, what’s possible. It is about God’s overarching, all knowing  and perfect plans.

Jesus knew his first trip to earth was as a sacrifice. His second trip is as conquerer. Timing. He already holds authority over heaven and earth (Matt. 28: 18). The timing of God’s plan will unfold.  May our hearts choose him now so the blood of his sacrifice saves us from the wrath that will come against sin when he arrives the second time.  

Thursday’s Passages: Lev 6:1 – 7:27; Mark 3:7 – 30; Ps 37: 1 – 11; Prov. 10:3 – 4

Friday’s Passages: Lev 7:28 – 9:6; Mark 3:31 – 4:25; Ps 37: 12 – 29; Prov. 10:5

Saturday’s Passages: Lev 9: 7 – 10:20; Mark 4:26 – 5:20; Ps 37: 30 – 40; Prov 10: 6 – 7

Sunday’s Passages: Lev 11:1 – 12:8; Mark 5:21 – 43; Ps 38: 1 – 22; Prov 10: 8 – 9


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