And Make No Mistake

19 Feb

In my earlier post, I made note of Christ’s obedience to timing. Do not be mistaken that Christ did not proclaim himself the son of the living God. He absolutely did.

One of my greatest regrets as a believer has to do with someone I attempted to share faith with while a teen. She told me she read that Jesus never said he was God’s son. Other people said it and he let them. In my immaturity of being in God’s word and how to study, I couldn’t point her directly to truth and speak intelligently about it. I knew what she said wasn’t true, but I was not trained and equipped to stand against the lie.

Matt 26:59 – 64 has this friend’s name written next to it in my Bible. I pray the truth of it meets her wherever she is. Someone more equipped than I was then to be there. For God to place truth in her life.


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