Psalm 22

13 Feb

I underlined certain phrases in Psalm 22 when it was part of the reading assignment not many days ago. The phrases proved familiar ones, though it wasn’t in the Psalms that I recalled them. The familiarty came from Jesus’s crucifixion.

Today, as I read Matthew’s account of the crucifixion, I see some of those familiar phrases. Following the footnotes, I see references to Psalm 22.

Next, I turned to John’s  (ch 19) and Mark’s (ch 15) account of the crucifixion. Again, familiar words from Psalm 22 are found, and again I see some footnotes in my bible.

Here’s what really hit me: In Matt. Ch 27: 45 – 46 and also in Mark Ch 15: 33 – 34 we find record of Jesus saying the words that translate, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  These are the first words of Psalm 22.

Next, in Matthew and Mark, both record a wine vinegar filled sponge being offered to Jesus and then he cried out again and gave up his spirit. Neither of these books record the words on this last cry (see Matt 27:50 and Mark 15:37).

But, turn to John’s account. Read 19: 28 – 30. Jesus said he was thirsty, then received the sponge (the same sponge referenced in Matt. and Mark.) The next and final cry is recorded as, “It is finished.”  The last words of Psalm 22 are, “he has done it”.

In church all of my life, I don’t recall a sermon on the crucifixion that directed me to Psalm 22. Yet, in reading God’s word on my own, asking the Holy Spirit to lead me, I see it. Footnotes there that I’ve never chased before. Thrilled because the Spirit caused me to underline those familiar words in Psalm 22 back on reading days Jan 22 and 23.

Read Psalm 22 anew. Remember Jesus’s great sacrifice at the crucifixion while you read. It just shows me how amazing God’s word is. How much I have to learn.

Friday’s Passages: Exodus 34:1 – 35:9; Matt 27:15 – 31; Psalm 33:12 – 22; Prov 9: 1 – 6

Saturday’s Passages: Exodus 35:10 – 36: 38; Matt 27: 32 – 66; Psalm 34: 1 – 10; Prov 9: 7 – 8

Sunday’s Passages: Exodus 37:1 – 38: 31; Matt. 28: 1 – 20; Psalm 34: 11 – 22; Prov 9: 9 – 10 

Monday’s Passages: Exodus 39:1 – 40:38; Mark 1: 1 – 28; Psalm 35: 1 – 16; Prov 9: 11 – 12


One Response to “Psalm 22”

  1. Gina February 15, 2010 at 1:22 am #

    Truly God’s word is amazing! I also had never been directed to Psalm 22 regarding Christ’s crucifixion. David’s accurate account of Christ’s suffering and statements is incredible, as these events would not happen until hundreds of years later. Verses 16-19 speak of hands and feet being pierced, dividing the clothes among themselves and throwing dice for the garments – all occurring during Christ’s crucifixion. (Matt. 27:35,Mark 15:24,Luke 23:34, John 19:23-24). Thank you, Jeanette, for pointing out this cross reference of things prophesied in Psalms. Thank you God for delivering your promised Messiah!

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