Armed for Battle

9 Feb

I’ve been thinking on how God cultivated trust in the Isrealites alongside growing their community with one another.

We should be growing in both areas, reliance on God and in roles in the community of people He’s making of us (his followers). 

In Exodus, chapter 17, the Amalekites attacked the Isrealites. I became curious about the timing here. Just how long had the Isrealites been in the desert to this point?

I wondered, because back in Exodus 13: 17 – 18, the very day the Isrealites left Egypt, the Bible tells us God didn’t lead them on the most direct route because it was Philistine country and they’d want to run back to Egypt if they faced war (even though they were armed).  

In Exodus 14: 13 – 31 we see the Lord fight for the Isrealites. He defeated the pursuing Egyptians without requiring them to use their weapons. They had to obey the Lord’s instructions, cross the Red Sea, but they didn’t have to battle.  The Lord confused the enemy and conquered them.

Trust should be growing…right? God tests them. We see it many places. Chapter 15:25 – 26; again in 16:4 – 5.  God demonstrates his provisions for them.

But back to my timing  question, the Bible shows timeframes that calculate to about the last week of the second month when the Isrealites did face the battle with the Amalekites. This time they had to use weapons. Joshua and others fought while Moses held up the staff. But, he was weak on his own. Moses had to sit on a rock scooted beneath him by Aaron and Hur. Then Aaron held up one arm for Moses while Hur held up the other. Joshua and team had to batttle all the while.

This time, God required participation in the battle, though He still supplied the strength and the victory. He also used more than one man.

What can we gather from the fact God chose to have the Isrealites participate in battle this time?

Sunday’s Passages: Ex 26: 1 – 27:21; Matt 25: 1 – 30; Ps 31: 1 – 8; Prov 8: 1 – 11

Monday’s Passages: Ex 28: 1 – 43; Matt 25: 1 – 30; Ps 31: 9 – 18; Prov 8: 12 – 13

Tuesday’s Passages: Ex 29:1 – 30:10; Matt 26: 14 – 46; Ps 31: 19 – 24; Prov 8: 14 – 26

Wednesday’s Passages: Ex 30:11 – 31:18; Matt 26: 47 – 68; Ps 32: 1 – 11; Prov 8: 27 – 32


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