You’ve Got an Omer

4 Feb

Maybe you didn’t know it, but you’ve got an omer.

God’s word is amazing. The study of old testament alongside new testament continuously wows me. It leaves me wishing I hadn’t wasted all those years not being in God’s word daily, on my own. But not with a heart of regret, rather a heart of appreciation that I’m here now. And a heart to encourage others to jump in.  

Back to the omer. In Exodus, God provides manna. The Isrealites didn’t know what it was. They’re told it’s God’s bread, provided so they won’t starve. They’re also instructed to gather an omer of manna per person, per day. No more, no less.

Of course, some gather more, some gather less. Typical humans. But in Exodus 16:18, regardless of what the people had gathered, they each ended up with an omer – as much as needed.

Enter new testament, John chapter six. I’d recently read these verses in a study. Grab your bible and read this chapter. Jesus tells the crowds he is the bread from heaven. They don’t know who he is. They want to be told what good works to do, what God requires. He tells them to trust in the one God sent (himself, Jesus, the manna from heaven).

The Isrealites wanted to gather a little extra manna just in case they needed it. Just in case God didn’t send more tomorrow.  Likewise, the crowds wanted to do something God required.  In both cases, God provided. In both cases, people felt the need to “do” more.

It’s a trust issue isn’t it?

Jesus is our omer. He is what’s needed. Grace is enough. Trust it. Trust Him. Know Him.

Today’s Passages: Ex 19:16 – 21:21; Mat. 23:13 – 39; Psalms 28: 1 – 9; Prov. 7: 1 – 5

Friday’s Passages: Ex 21:22 – 23:13; Mat.24:1 – 28; Psalms 29: 1 – 11; Prov 7: 6 – 23

Saturday’s Passages: Ex 23: 14 – 25:40; Mat 24: 29 – 51; Psalms 30: 1 – 12; Prov 7:24 – 27 


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