Be Led

1 Feb

Well I’m excited to see February 1st arrive and be right on track with the bible reading. It really is blessing me.

The Exodus readings have just taken the Isrealites across the Red Sea. Even before they crossed, the groaning and doubting began. God performed so many miracles to display his power and authority and selection of them as a people. They even have a cloud leading them both day and night – so they know they’re going the way He’s leading.

As I reflected on this, I recall how many times I’ve read the word “compassion” in the Matthew readings. Jesus sees the crowds and has compassion for them.

Back to the Isrealites. These guys didn’t have the holy spirit. They didn’t have Jesus’s blood washed over them. They didn’t have our Bibles to see how Genesis to Revelation all point to Christ. And by choice, neither do a lot of people today.

We need compassion in our hearts and attitudes. We need to remember humans, including us, without the intervention of God’s Word and his Holy Spirit are as lost as the Isrealites or the crowds that stirred compassion in Christ.

We need to have a great thirst for God’s word. A great discernment for His Spirit. And it will create great compassion in our hearts. That compassion should move us to action.

With that said, I have to hit the showers to do some action today.

Today’s Passage: Ex 13:17 – 15:18; Mt 21:23 – 46; Ps 26:1 – 12; Prov. 6:16 – 19

Tuesday’s Passages Ex 15:19 – 17:7, Mt 22:1 – 33; Ps 27:1 – 6; Prov. 6:20 – 26

Wednesday’s Passages: Ex 17:8 – 19:15; Mt 22:34 – 23:12; Ps 27: 7 – 14; Prov. 6:27 – 35


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