Day after Day

19 Jan

Reading about Joseph in Genesis 39 and 40 I have to take notice of what is repeated throughout these chapters. The Lord was with Joseph, Joseph found favor, the Lord blessed…because of Joseph, over and over.

Yet, Joseph’s circumstances didn’t paint what we’d think of as a typical picture of God’s presence and favor. Joseph’s brothers sold him as a slave, he was wrongly accused of seduction by his boss’s wife, he was forgotten in prison by another prisoner he helped. 

In all of the situations, Joseph chose to acknowledge God in thought and action. Genesis 39:8 -10 tells us how Potiphar’s wife consistently pursued Joseph and yet he refused to sin against God or go against his master’s trust. In prison, Joseph acknowledged that God holds interpretation of dreams, not himself (Gen. 40:8), and again before the Pharoah, Joseph states only God can give the answers (Ch 41:16).

When his circumstances were hard and waiting long, Joseph didn’t take his eyes or heart away from the Lord as the one in authority and to be honored. Despite any circumstances, Joseph demonstrated a certainty of his God. A believing heart at peace with his Lord’s control.

Day after day. Circumstance upon circumstance.

God’s word makes sure we see that the Lord never left Joseph. It also shows us Joseph’s attitude of reverence towards God.

Today’s Passage: Genesis 39:1 – 41:16; Matthew 12:46 – 13:23; Psalms 17:1 – 15; Proverbs 3:33 – 35

Wednesday’s Passage: Genesis 41:17 – 42:17; Matthew 13:24 – 46; Psalms 18:1 – 15; Proverbs 4: 1 – 6 


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